£25 to empty green bin? Think again...

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HAVING read about green bin charges in last week’s Journal, I am appalled that this should happen.

In the first place we had to purchase our own green bins. We were given a code number and a letter saying all green waste would be made into compost and anyone would be able to purchase the compost from council sites. This has not happened. I have purchased compost from B&Q and Downtown.

There are ways and means of recouping money from waste, as our contractors are doing at the moment. We just want some businesses and councillors to sort out the ways and means, not just sitting around and saying make the public pay an extra £25 tax for the service.

Rural areas are most vulnerable, as many people do not have transport to get to landfill sites. It will encourage more fly-tipping in country lanes, which is happening at the moment with tyres and general waste. Then we have a cost to clean it up.

So come on, get your heads together and think. Keep the green bin service going for the sake of rural areas. Is it silver bin next?


Forest Ward

Great Ponton