£4.46m Lottery winners mark 50th milestone after moving to new home near Grantham

Lottery winners Jim and Maureen Emerton mark the 50th winner of the �20,000 Loto raffle in Lincolnshire. Photo: 0190A
Lottery winners Jim and Maureen Emerton mark the 50th winner of the �20,000 Loto raffle in Lincolnshire. Photo: 0190A
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A couple who won £4.46 million on the National Lottery have marked a special milestone for the county.

Jim and Maureen Emerton visited Wyndham Park in Grantham today to mark the 50th Lincolnshire winner of the £20,000 prize in the Lotto raffle. Jim and Maureen were in the park which was recently awarded a £117,000 development grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Emertons, who won the Lotto jackpot in March 2012, also delivered a special National Lottery plaque to South Kesteven District Council to record the region’s success. Jim and Maureen were originally from Nottingham but moved to a village near Grantham at the end last year.

Jim, 58, who gave up his job when he won the Lotto, said: “We love the countryside and we know Lincolnshire very well. We enjoy the peace and quiet. We used to live in Nottingham and so this is a big change for us. The best thing about winning the Lottery is that we can spend all our time together.”

Jim added: “We are also very pleased that local public facilities like Wyndham Park have been recognised for National Lottery funding.”

Maureen confirmed that the couple still play the Lottery and she enjoys buying a ticket.

The development funding was awarded to help Wyndham Park Forum and South Kesteven District Council progress their plans to restore the park to its former glory as a First World War memorial park.

The grant will be spent investigating the park’s heritage and deciding which features and buildings could be refurbished if the full £875,900 bid is successful.

The award-winning park, which has Green Flag status, features an outdoor paddling pool, a bowling green, tennis courts, a model boating pool, a skate park and a sensory garden for the blind.

To date 5,800 players across the length and breadth of the UK have won the Lotto raffle.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “We know players love to win and congratulations to the 50 players in Lincolnshire who now have £20,000 in the bank. The Lotto Raffle is a fantastic prize which can make that perfect holiday, dream wedding or new car instantly a reality. Every Lotto line gives every player a chance to make that life-changing wish come true whatever that may be.

“As well as making winners, every Lotto line bought makes a big difference to local communities across the UK. The National Lottery raises over £35 million each week which goes to life-changing projects across the nation. This adds to the extraordinary £31 billion that has been raised for National Lottery Good Causes since 1994.”

In every Lotto draw, each Wednesday and Saturday, at least 50 players are guaranteed to win the £20,000 raffle prize. If it is a rollover draw then the number of winners rolls up too. A single rollover has 100 winners, a double 150 winners, a triple has 200 winners and a quadruple Lotto rollover sees 250 guaranteed winners of £20,000.