A&E closure letter: Appalling in a growing town

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I have just heard that A&E at Grantham Hospital is to close during the night due to a shortage of doctors.

Just what is happening in Grantham? Your front page headlines on July 8th highlight the plans to build 14,000 new houses and create 11,500 more jobs in the area.

Yet an earlier Journal headline on May 20 is “Bring back our A&E” following further proposed cuts at Grantham Hospital. Inside that same issue you have a comment on the closures from Grantham Councillor Ray Wooten who says that’s its too early to hear people’s views on this issue. Too early, it’s almost too late !

This is an appalling situation, with a rapidly growing town but with a medical service being reduced all the time. Remember what happened to the maternity services.

The Grantham councillors were elected to represent the views of the people of Grantham and the people of Grantham do not want further cuts in hospital services. A growing town needs a growing medical service.

Its time that the Council stood up to ULHT and in the words of a former Grantham born politician said NO, NO, NO.

If ULHT cannot manage to run Grantham hospital and provide the services people require then surely there must be other options. Could another trust be asked to run the hospital, or could the council take over running of the hospital?

It’s time for the council to put politics and this appeasing attitude aside and do something to save the Grantham medical services before it’s too late. Otherwise their inaction could well be remembered when it comes to the local elections.

Chris Shannon, Laburnum Cottage, Braceby, Nr Sleaford