A few questions about our so-called ‘daughter’

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Let’s put some different views:

l Maggie was no military leader. The task force was ill-equipped due to cuts, and ill conceived. Only the sheer guts of Our Boys

and the paucity of the opposition, their equipment and a conscripted army helped you to victory. Her military advisors were

overruled as she was desperate to win an election, so sacrificed a thousand men to achieve this. If MI6 had not bought all the Excocet missiles on the black market, we would have certainly lost.

l Maggie ordered the murder of the Belgrano’s crew when they were sailing away from the fleet. Why did the log book disappear? The only time this has ever happened in the Navy, we are told.

l Why, six months earlier, had she discussed removing citizenship from the Falkland Islanders?

l Smashing the coal industry was an act of political ideology. Not a financial one. Imports of foreign coal were being brought

through Boston Docks by a Company owned by Ian MacGregor – the man she appointed to close the coal industry.

l The mines were never a closed shop. I know dozens of men who got jobs in all areas of mining.

l The RAF had to buy spare parts from local scrap yards to facilitate a failed bombing mission on Port Stanley.

l When she said we will never meet with terrorists, why did officials meet the IRA before her election in 1979?

l Why did she allow the closure of the only helicopter manufacturer in the UK?

l Why did the Nimrod project, started on her watch, never work? It has recently been scrapped after £750b being spent.

l Which merchant banks oversaw the privatisation of state industries? Why were RBS allowed to buy all the locomotives previously owned by British Rail?

It goes on and on. She was a heartless, cold, calculating, power-crazed, bigoted, ideological zealot.

She oversaw the beginnings of the importation of the morals of the gutter in to this country. Or capitalism, as you know it.

And let me say to Paul Musson - you’ve got some nerve criticising public sector workers when you were kept and paid by the state as a ‘Royal Marine’. I presume you are you now drawing an army pension?

You never went in to battle in my name.

Not a penny of public money should be spent on a memorial to someone whose sole ambition was to remove the public sector altogether.

Anth Hindmarch