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'A gender neutral loo? What rot!' says Grantham reader

A Journal reader has written a poem, after seeing a toilet marked 'gender neutral' by South Kesteven District Council.

She writes:

"Please consider the following a serious complaint [to SKDC] on behalf of council taxpayers about the ludicrous decision to build a gender neutral toilet in the council offices, just to pander to the modern [political correctness] idiocy.

Reader letter (10012624)
Reader letter (10012624)

I have to pay my council tax, it’s law,

But want to know just what I’m paying for.

Police? Oh yes, for them I’ll gladly pay;

And also those who take our trash away.

The roads, the schools, the parks, the mayor’s car,

But with this latest spend you’ve gone too far.

Your offices need toilets, this is true,

But surely not a gender neutral loo!

This decision causes me to grieve,

I’m asked to pay for what I don’t believe.

There are males and there are females, that’s the lot,

So stop with all this gender neutral rot!

They start another stupid fashion craze,

And once again the poor old public pays.

You’re free to call yourself what e’er you will,

But please don’t expect ME to pay the bill.

Just do one thing for me and I’ll say ‘PAX’,

An instant rebate on my council tax.

Just a small point: maybe you remember the lovely musical Porgy and Bess? Do you not think it would spoil it if Porgy sang, ‘Oh Bess, you is my person now?’

Joan McDaniel (a woman), of Gonerby Hill Foot

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