A-level success for Lincolnshire schools

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Provisional A-level results from 37 out of 38 sixth forms in the county show an increase in higher level passes, and twelve schools with a 100% pass rate.

Despite a first drop in the national pass rate for 32 years, provisional indications from Lincolnshire schools are that there were 98.6% of A-levels passes, beating the national figure by 0.6%.

The highest grade of A* was achieved in 7.8% of entries, an increase of 0.7% on last year. This compares to a national figure of 8.2% (an increase of 0.6% on last year) showing that Lincolnshire continues to close the gap.

Thirteen Lincolnshire schools achieved a % of A* Grades greater than the national figure of 8.2%, with 8 of those achieving more than 10% for the percentage of A* grades.

Many students in Lincolnshire also follow courses that are equivalent to A-levels alongside their traditional A-levels or as an alternative to them. Although no national comparators are available at this time, initial reports from schools show that the overall pass rate has increased by 0.7% when these results are added in, with one school achieving 57.5% at grades A* or A or equivalent.

Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “I am immensely proud that almost all A-level students in Lincolnshire have successfully passed their exams.

“Students put a lot of work into their studies over an intense two year period and it has really paid off. I know that they would all want me to extend their thanks to their teachers, parents and carers for supporting them so well.”

Debbie Barnes, Director of Children’s Services, said: “I know how hard it is for students to succeed in their sixth-form studies. It doesn’t happen by magic.

“Successful futures depend on the sort of dedication that our students have displayed. Lincolnshire has shown, yet again, that our young people can compete with the best the country has to offer. Well done to every single one of you and good luck with your future plans”.