A mattress, a rusty dustbin and the front end of a Renault Clio...

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The above are just some of the items dragged out of the River Witham by volunteers over the weekend.

The Grantham Rivercare group of volunteers regularly give up their time to clean the river and on Saturday filled more than 20 sacks full of discarded rubbish.

John Knowles of Grantham Rivercare said: “Fifteen enthusiastic volunteers turned up for the clean up. As usual I thought there wasn’t too much rubbish to collect but how wrong I was. We ended up with 22 sacks full of small items such as bottles, cans and fast food cartons together with 3 shopping trolleys, the front end of a Renault Clio, a mattress, a ladder and a rusty old dustbin.

“It must take a great effort to dump such large items, surely it would be just as easy to go to the refuse disposal site.”

John Would like to thank everyone who volunteered for a “splendid job”.

He added: “What on earth would happen if there was no Rivercare and people prepared to give up some time to clear up the mess made by such unsociable members of society?”