Abseilers raise funds for St Wulfram’s church spire appeal

Nick Hardy-Gillings 438D
Nick Hardy-Gillings 438D
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Daredevil fund-raisers raised thousands of pounds by abseiling down St Wulfram’s spire on Sunday.

And their actions could help ensure others get the chance to do the same with the majority of the money raised going to help fix the ailing spire.

Darren Brookes  438D

Darren Brookes 438D

Courtney Finn of the Spire Action Group said: “The weather was warm and sunny and just perfect for walking up 143 steps to the top of St Wulfram’s tower and then coming down by rope and harness.

“Over 60 abseilers took this route on Saturday supported by a great crowd of family, friends and sponsors who cheered the brave ones down the tower.”

The full amount raised is yet to come in but £3,500 was taken on the day.

Courtney said: “We shall soon know the cost of the spire repair work as the detailed estimates from the selected contractors are due back in a week or so. We have so far raised £420,000 including the Heritage Lottery grant of £272,000 and work is due to begin in early spring 2014.”

Mark Midgley 438D

Mark Midgley 438D

Organisers would like to thank Major Hannant and his team from Prince William of Gloucester Barracks and the King’s School CCF cadets.