Advice from Lincolnshire Police to secure your outbuildings

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Police are reminding householders to remember the security of their outbuildings, especially as the nights are starting to draw in.

The number of break-ins on garages and sheds typically rise around this time of years as offenders take advantage of the fact people are spending less time in their gardens and the days are getting darker earlier.

Easily visible and easily obtainable items in sheds and garages, such as bikes, tools, gardening equipment, lawnmowers and other such items are a real temptation for criminals who might be able to steal them and sell them on to make some easy cash.

Sgt Gary Brockie said: “We are urging people to remember to keep sheds and garages safely locked up and to keep any items of worth, or even that seem to be of worth, out of sight so interested criminals aren’t tempted.

“Covering windows or doors with an old sheet is a good way of keeping things out of the way, or simply by making sure that if you can see inside items aren’t easy to spot.

“Installing shed alarms and security lights act as deterrents because offenders are taking advantage of the fact that it is getting darker earlier and people are usually inside on an evening now and often unaware of what might be going on just outside their homes.

“Property marking is an effective way of deterring thieves. By marking your items this reduces the opportunity for thieves to sell the goods on. Property marking also increases the chances of returning your goods, if they are stolen.

“It is also a good idea to register your property on Immobilise, which is a free national property registration service. It helps UK Police forces to identify the owner of lost and stolen goods. Register your stuff so that if it is ever stolen it can be identified and returned to you.

“The clocks will go back on October 26, meaning we’ll have even more hours of darkness as we really get into autumn and it’s around this time of year that we usually see these types of offences rise. We’re asking people to remember our advice and just take an extra few minutes to make sure any buildings outside are as secure as your home and you could well prevent becoming a victim of this type of crime.”

If you would like more advice please contact Lincolnshire Police’s Crime Prevention Advisors at