Air ambulance called to St Hugh’s School, Grantham, as boy injured playing football

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The air ambulance attended St Hugh’s Academy, Grantham, on Monday when a pupil was injured playing football at lunchtime.

The boy hurt his back and neck after slipping. Staff made sure he was not moved until specialist medical support arrived. The pupil has recovered and is now back in school.

St Hugh’s Principal Louise Bennett said: “The rest of the academy pupils were incredibly sensible and were taken promptly into the building to ensure the air ambulance had a safe landing area. The paramedics arrived quickly and took control of the situation. The staff and students were praised for their quick thinking and response which ensured that everyone’s health and safety was assured in difficult circumstances.

“The boy has been checked in hospital and we were delighted to welcome him back into the academy only two days later. As part of the academy’s fundraising drive the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance will be high on our list of priorities for the future.”