American archaeologist asks for return of Nikon camera and card after losing it in Croxton Kerrial

Missing red Nikon camera
Missing red Nikon camera
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An archaeologist is appealing for the return of her camera after she lost it on a visit to Croxton Kerrial.

Alyssa Reynolds, from Indiana, was visiting an archaeological dig when she left her red Nikon L110 Coolpix camera at the entry gate. When she returned it was gone.

Alyssa said: “I am currently visiting your wonderful town and staying with Margaret and Tony Connolly. While visiting the Croxton Kerrial dig site with Tony, I left my Nikon camera on the entry gate. When I returned it was gone. I am really not that concerned about the camera but I would greatly like to have the camera card returned.

“I just returned to Grantham from Bergen, Norway. It was my first trip to Norway to see a friend (exchange student) from high school. It was a wonderful trip and I took almost 400 pictures of us and the beautiful country.

“I do not know what else to do but ask for your help. Tony has posted a picture of my camera on facebook in hopes that someone may have information regarding my camera. The camera was lost on Tuesday, July 25, at the Croxton-Kerial Medieval Manor archaeological site. It was a red Nikon Coolpix L110 camera.”

If you can help, contact Tony Connolly on 07825 610700 with any information.