An appeal to bring back my beloved Bearded Dragon

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This letter is to the family who were accidentally sold a black baby bearded dragon from a local reptile shop in the last two days.

If you’re reading this, you’ll know who you are as you would have had a call from the owner explaining the situation and offering another dragon for his return.

Well, that dragon was already owned by my three young children, who were heartbroken when I had to break the news to them. His name is Bean and my children have been bonding with him for the last six weeks, excitedly awaiting the day he could come home.

Instead of Bean they will have an empty vivarium on Christmas day, and I’m appealing to you, if you have any heart at all to please return him to the shop.

We don’t want another beardie, he was ours and was sold as a simple mistake.

I’m heartbroken at his loss. We have loved him for weeks. If you want payment for your inconvenience, I’ll do whatever is required, all we want is our beardie home for Christmas.

I would be forever in your debt.

Yours hopefully,

C Lewthwaite