Ancaster man gives award-winning fish to poorly girl

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A generous man has donated two award-winning fish to a poorly little girl just in time for Christmas.

Tony Smith, of Wilsford Lane in Ancaster, was pleased to be able to give the Discus fish, Morris and Dorris, to Caitlin Malone, who has been ill for some time after suffering from a ruptured appendix.

Tony Smith from Ancaster gave his award winning fish to poorly Caitlin.

Tony Smith from Ancaster gave his award winning fish to poorly Caitlin.

He said: “It was so wonderful to give them to her. Caitlin’s quite a chatty little girl but she and her mum were both crying; they were dumbfounded.”

Morris the fish had just won second prize at a show when the presentation of a new tank, equipment and the fish were made to Caitlin by the United Kingdom Discus Club.

She loved her new pets and spent the rest of the weekend looking after them.

Tony, who had entered the fish into the show for the first time, said: “Caitlin’s a lovely little girl. I know they’ve gone to a good home.

“Morris was a proper show-off so she got to know him. You could go to the front of the tank and say give us a kiss and he came up to the tank and kissed it.”

Tony got into breeding Discus fish after he broke his back in five places and suffered many other injuries when he was involved in a car crash on the High Dyke in 2008. The former electrician could not walk properly and needed something to occupy his time.

He said: “I had to give up work due to ill health. When you’ve been at work your whole life and have never had time off it is hard; I was climbing the walls.”

His wife, Diane, bought him his first tank and the hobby spiralled from there. The couple now has an entire fish room with hundreds of tropical Discus fish and Tony has become somewhat of a local expert helping others with their fish related dilemmas.

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