Anger as morning bus service out of Grantham due to be cut

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A bus company has come under fire because it will cut a morning service out of Grantham.

Stagecoach East Midlands says its 8.30am weekday service from Grantham to Manthorpe will stop on August 15 because it is made constantly late by heavy traffic in the mornings.

But Tracy Burling says it is a vital service that will affect a lot of people it if it is taken away.

Mrs Burling said: “Not only does this impact on three schools, meaning children from four years old may have to walk two miles from town to school, it’s also workers who need to be at work for nine, and this service stops at the hospital twice in 30 minutes. It’s a huge disruption for what appears to be no reason.

“I was told that it was done ‘in discussion with local authority and no child is affected’. Well my children are (we live 2.7 miles from the schools they attend, its the only bus that goes that way) and as of yet no one knows how many children will be starting school in September that may have needed that bus.

“Cancelling bus services directly before or after school drop-off and collection times is daft. There will be loads of families affected in the estate and beyond. In the instance of schooling, their pupils will be either very early everyday (Child Protection issue) or late everyday (attendance issue). This is going to be a huge problem in Grantham.”

Stagecoach said traffic issues on Manthorpe Road and in town were to blame for the axing of the service. Andy Smith, commercial manager south, said: “The last thing we want to do is withdraw services. But we would rather run to a timetable we can achieve than run buses which are going to be late.”

Mr Smith added: “We are not looking to withdraw any other services.”