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Annoyed reader calls out grass cutters for skirting round broken toy in Grantham park

A reader has criticised the efforts of council grass cutters after a broken toy tractor in a Grantham park was skirted around.

He also pointed out that a grassed area on the road in which he lives has not been mown for some time.

In his letter, the reader – who asked to remain anonymous and described himself as a "Winchester Road resident, finding my way around the jungle now" – wrote: "EnvironmentSK have cut the grass and driven really nicely around an old broken toy tractor that has beer tins in it in the Campbell Close play area in Grantham.

A broken toy tractor skirted around by grass cutters in Campbell Close park (48176982)
A broken toy tractor skirted around by grass cutters in Campbell Close park (48176982)

"When Glendale did the grounds maintenance they collected waste and removed before cutting – do ESK drive around and just leave it now?

"Surely lack of follow up by the contractor should be picked up by whoever inspects the play areas for the council? Also, whoever overseas the contractors work?

"The second photo is of the Winchester Road green area. It has not been cut in a month and looking a mess.

Overgrown green in Winchester Road, Grantham. (48176966)
Overgrown green in Winchester Road, Grantham. (48176966)

"Are we due a tax reduction for lack of grass cutting? Or are SKDC growing this to turn to hay and fund the tax rebate?

"Again, why is this not picked up by the contract monitor?

"Either way, smashing work, ESK! Great contractor compliance work, SKDC.

"It seems that since the contract was awarded to SKDC’s own company that no one independent inspects these areas or the grounds maintenance undertaken by the contractor – self inspection by the contractor for compliance does not work."

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