Annual dance show raises £1,000 for cleft palate care

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DANCERS young and old joined together on stage for the Grantham School of Dancing’s annual show.

Performers as young as three years old were part of the school’s big production, which featured ballet, tap, modern, national dance and acrobatic styles. And new this year was singing, which is now also offered at the school.

As well as showcasing the talents of Grantham’s dancers, the show raised money for charity.

This year’s cause was the regional cleft palate services, and surgeon Mark Henley accepted the cheque.

Dance school teacher Michelle Baker said: “Mr Mark Henley, who came to receive the cheque, compared the performance to a West End production.”

Students recently undertook dance exams, which Michelle said were “excellent”.

Results: Acrobatic: Introductory - Alicia Meadows, Rebecca Comtois, Katherine Sharp, Molly Taylor, Jade Blenkinship, Liani Ogborne, Halle Selby, Alysha Darby; Preparatory (pass plus) - Molly Taylor, Poppy Willesden, Katie Ellis, Alicia Hauges, Katherine Sharp, Rebecca Comtois, Jade Blenkinship; (commended) - Eleanor Scarborough, Mercy Duradola, Lucy Frisby, Halle Selby, Rebekah Temple-Fielder, Courtney Heard, Alicia Meadows; (highly commended) - Keira Tyers; Grade 1 (pass plus) - Millie Kerr; (commended) - Hope Trigg, Courtney Heard; (highly commended) - Alisha Tyers, Lucy Frisby, Eleanor Scarborough; Grade 2 (highly commended) - Keira Selby, Maisie Schafer, Chelsea Smith, Shannon Morton, Evie Rogers, Olivia Sharpe, Alisha Tyers; Grade 3 (commended) - Shakira Blackburn, Paris Scothern; (highly commended) - Charlotte Edwards, Chloe Russell; Grade 4 (highly commended) - Lucia Evans, Abbie Green, Hannah Williamson; Grade 5 (honours) Molly Gunnell, Sophie Wright; Preliminary (highly commended) - Levi Scothern; (distinction) - Laura Smith; Elementary (honours) - Abigail Mahony; Intermediate (honours) - Hannah Eaton; (distinction) - Emily Smith.

Imperial Ballet: Primary Grade B - Jordan Bock, Katie Doran, Harriet Young, Bethan Smith, Bethany Oliver, Olivia Sharpe, Aarron Temple-Fielder; A - Isabella Rossington, Chloe Hull; Grade 1 A - Jessica Bailey, Brooke Marks, Shannon Morton, Chelsea Smith; Grade 2 B - Ellie Chappell, Abbie Green, Disha Singhania, Hannah Joyce, Charlotte Beard, Lauren Pakey, Paris Scothern; A - Charlotte Edwards, Lauren Herbert, Maisie Schafer; Grade 3 B - Abigail Taylor, Eleanor Scarborough, Levi Scothern, Jodi-Kate McDermott, Robyn Trigg; A - Sophie Wright, Lucia Evans; Grade 4 B - Jade White, Sophie Bryne, Sian Odell, Rebecca Eaton, Hayley Money, Bonnie Wong; A - Amy Berwick, Georgie Lane; Grade 5 B - Katie Muffett; A - Laura Smith, Abigail Mahoney; Grade 6 B - Emily Addison; A - Harriet Green, Hannah Eaton, Emily Smith.

Modern Dance: Grade 1 B - Millie Kerr, Jade Blenkinship; A - Bethan Smith, Bethany Oliver, Chloe Hull, Halle Selby, Courtney Heard; Grade 2 A - Shannon Morton; Grade 3 B - Paris Scothern, Lauren Herbert; A - Lucy-Anne Stacey, Charlotte Edwards; Grade 4 B - Georgia Kerr, Emily Kay; A - Bethany Bird, Abbie Green, Lucia Evans, Sophie Wright, Eleanor Clark, Levi Scothern; Grade 5 B - Bonnie Wong, Molly Gunnell, Georgia Rogers, Anna Lacey, Evie Maciejewski; A - Jemima Humber-Thomas, Georgie Lane, Emily Wells; Inter-foundation B - Rebecca Eaton, Rhiannon Odell; A - Sophie Bryne; Intermediate B - Emily Smith.

Tap Dance: Grade 1 B - Emma Carrington; A - Taylor Bock, Hollie Hipkiss; Grade 2 B - Alex Williams; A - Hollie-May Hipkiss, Shannon Morton, India Wilkinson, Katie Turner, Olivia Rowland-Hayes, Jessica Bailey, Bethany Skinner; Grade 3 B - Emily Warren, Paris Scothern; A - Sophie Beard, Charlotte Beard, Eleanor Scarborough, Rebecca Mahony, Maisie Schafer, Annie Hobson; Grade 4 B - Hannah Joyce, Levi Scothern, Phoebe Edwards, Abigail Taylor; A - Lauren Wesley, Lauren Pakey, Hannah Williamson, Sophie Wright, Abbie Green; Grade 5 B - Elizabeth Offiler, Chloe Russell, Jodi-Kate McDermott; A - Emily Bennett; Grade 6 B - Anna Lacey; A - Jade White, Georgia Rogers, Sian Odell, Amy Berwick, Abigail Mahony, Georgie Lane; Intermediate B - Rebecca Eaton, Rhiannon Odell; A - Katie Muffett, Sophie Bryne.