Apology for jumping up and down on BMW roof

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A drunk man jumped up and down on the roof of a BMW convertible, causing almost £5,000 of damage.

Grantham magistrates heard on Monday how Kevin Bonner, of Avenue Road in Grantham, climbed on to the car while the female driver was sat in the driving seat on the afternoon of October 26.

Edward Johnson, prosecuting, said: “He got off and staggered around apparently worse for wear, before kicking a nearby bus shelter and punching other vehicles.”

The woman drove off before calling police. The incident was also seen by an off-duty special constable.

The court heard how the man shouted to Bonner while he was on the car roof: “What are you doing? Get down!”

He did, fell to the floor, stood up and began walking towards the man, saying: “Why, what are you going to do about it?”

The man got into a car which was driven off. The vehicle was soon stopped and police arrested Bonner, 40.

Representing himself, Bonner told magistrates he could not remember the incident, adding that he suffers from depression and had combined alcohol with anti-depressants on that day.

He added: “I’m under the care of the NHS crisis team and I’m due to start counselling, so I’m getting help from the right people.

“I’m so sorry for what did happen, it’s totally out of character and I’m seeking help to make sure there’s no reoccurance.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until December 17 for a pre-sentence report.