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Are Grantham MP Nick Boles' days numbered?

“More than 99 per cent” of Conservative Party members and residents who have contacted the local Conservative Party association have called for Nick Boles to be deselected as the local MP, according to its chairman.

The call follows the MP last month being accused of seeking to bring down the Government when he said he would resign the Conservative whip if there was a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Tensions escalated further this week when he received a death threat after he threatened to derail Brexit as he joined pro-EU rebels in a major defeat of the Government.

In a Parliamentary debate, Mr Boles said: “With the Government having prepared as woefully as they have for no deal, we will on no account countenance a no-deal Brexit.

“I will vote on any motion, on any amendment, on any piece of legislation, proposed by whomsoever in this House, to ensure that we leave the European Union on 20 March with a deal or not at all.”

Nick Boles MP (6118999)
Nick Boles MP (6118999)

Earlier, he told the House it was “utterly wrong” and a “disgraceful suggestion” that he and other Conservative MPs were breaking faith with constituents and breaking manifesto commitments.

The MP said Parliament was taking back control of the Brexit process as the Government had failed to prepare for ‘no deal’.

However, the MP backing Labour’s Yvette Cooper and other Tory rebels led to him receiving a death threat soon after. Mr Boles took to social media on Wednesday to report: “Received this charming message through my website last night.

“If the inadequate who sent it knew anything about me he would realise I need no reminding that my days are numbered!”

The threat, apparently from a Russian email address, but sent from the UK, said: “Your days are f***ing numbered traitor. Prepare to die…”

Mr Boles told the BBC it was his ‘first death threat’ and the people behind it were “sad cowards with nothing better to do”.

Undeterred, the MP also tweeted support for other votes against the government to undermine a Brexit ‘No Deal.’

He had previously told the Daily Mirror: “We’ll be seeking to use any and every opportunity to show that Parliament will not allow a no-deal Brexit. This is a single skirmish in a long campaign.”

On Wednesday, after the government suffered its defeat, Grantham & Stamford Conservative Association chairman Philip Sagar wrote to party members about the MP.

Mr Sagar said he had received more than 100 messages from party members and local residents since the MP’s December outburst.

He told members: “In my four years as chairman, I have never received so many emails and letters about Nick’s actions. Over 99 per cent of you are calling for his deselection as our MP.”

Mr Sagar said it is not easy to deselect a sitting Conservative MP, but the association is due to look at selecting a candidate for any future general election in the next few months.

“Nick’s actions I fear have unfortunately made that process much more difficult for him.”

Mr Sagar also told the Mercury he favoured a deal with Brussels but actions by Mr Boles and other MPs were “pulling the rug out from under the government’s feet.”

He said he could not guarantee whether Mr Boles would survive a reselection process, saying he would wait first to what party members and Mr Boles had to say before deciding how he would vote.

But Mr Sagar admitted: “I’m not happy (with him).”

However, association vice-chairman Coun Adam Stokes commented: “The constituency voted to Leave. He’s putting some blocks in the way by agreeing with the amendments. I’m extremely disappointed he’s taking this action.

“We are going to start the selection process. I am sure it’s going to be very tough for Nick to be reselected. My own personal view is I won’t vote for reselecting him.”

The Journal sought comment from Mr Boles but was told he was busy meeting colleagues over Brexit.

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