Are Grantham voters fed up with politicians?

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Elected councillors fear the people of Grantham have lost faith in politicians as the turnout in the town for last week’s elections plummeted to 25 per cent.

Across the county the turnout was around 30 per cent but in certain divisions in Grantham only one in five people exercised their right to vote.

Bob Adams was elected for Colsterworth Rural. He said: “People have become totally disillusioned with members of parliament. People now don’t believe what most of these politicians say and that has affected whether they go out and register support. They say one thing and do another. It’s a great shame but confidence in politicians has disappeared.”

Linda Wootten is another new county councillor. She said she spoke to people on the campaign trail who admitted being “fed up with politics and politicians”.

Coun Richard Davies was re-elected in Grantham North West but said voter apathy was down to “a combination of mid-term blues and disappointment with politics in general”.

Newly elected Tory councillor for Grantham Barrowby, Jo Churchill, suggested a debate should begin on whether or not voting should be obligatory or if people should be able to vote online to boost the turnout.

But Coun Charmaine Morgan said councillors needed to do more. She said: “We must make ourselves much more accessible. We need to get out there and be on the street.”