ARM-BAND AID: A special Editor’s comment

Global Swimarathon at The Meres Leisure Centre. 182C
Global Swimarathon at The Meres Leisure Centre. 182C
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WHEn you think of fundraisers on a world-wide scale, your mind’s eye will probably conjure up visions of the likes of Bob Geldof, Lenny Henry or perhaps the emotional wailings of U2’s Bono.

Comic Relief, Sport Relief, and of course the inspiration behind today’s headline - Band Aid, are all etched into the British public’s consciousness as mammoth efforts for the greater good.

But do you know what, Grantham could one day be credited with kick-starting what may well become one of THE most famous and inclusive benevolent funds in the history of mankind – and this is NOT an over-statement.

On Saturday, a World Record-breaking 5,000 people plunged into whatever body of water they could find, in no less than 23 countries – and because this was the inaugural event, we’re only just getting started.

The Journal would like to suggest that Roger Graves - who humbly deflects credit to his peers - gets the acknowledgement he deserves for what was his brainchild, dreamed up 16 months ago.

The freedom of Lincolnshire would be a good start, but when this thing starts raising millions - and it will in time - we hope to see Mr Graves with three letters after his name, if not before it.