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Astonished at Barrowby Gate road repair plans

I read with complete astonishment and disbelief the plan that Lincolnshire highways has for the road repairs around Barrowby Gate.

I note that all the minor side roads are to be properly repaired but the main thoroughfare (Barrowby Gate) and the access road to most of the minor side roads (Worcester Road) are, once again, to be ‘surface dressed’!

When all the roads around this area (which were perfecly fine) were ‘surface dressed’ last year it turned out to be a complete disaster.

Letters (11075146)
Letters (11075146)

The chippings that were laid and supposed to be set never did and I lost count of the number of times the poor road sweeper driver had to come and sweep them up – who paid for that?

In the meantime, our cars were bombarded by loose stones, pedestrians had to wear tin hats and body armour to avoid being peppered by passing cars and the recent hot weather melted the tar and it was stuck to shoes and car wheels.

What a fiasco and needless waste of our taxes this has turned out to be (a bit like the pavement slurry done around here the year before).

We were told that this road surfacing would prevent skidding – it’s a 30mph area!

Now we are told the surface dressing will make potholes less likely.

I have lived on Worcester Road for 12 years and there has never been a pothole– more rubbish from the highways department!

Councillor Richard Davies, whom, I would argue, has been in the job for far too long, tells us that these repairs are being done at the original contractor’s expense. I will scrutinise the highway’s accounts next year very carefully indeed.

Lt Col (Retd) Joe Adkins

Worcester Road


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