Atrium in Grantham evacuated as teenager threatens to jump from roof

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A pub in Grantham had to be evacuated on Saturday evening when a teenager threatened to jump off the roof.

Police cordoned off part of High Street and people were asked to leave the Atrium while the man was talked down by a police negotiator.

Police were called to the Atrium at 9.30pm after reports the man was shouting and threatening to jump. He was walking along the roofs of buildings on the High Street and at one point was on the roof of the Yorkshire Bank.

A police negotiator was sent to talk to the man and he later came down. The High Street was reopened at about 10pm.

A spokesman for the Atrium said the pub was closed for about half an hour as everybody was evacuated out of the back. She said the teenager had not gained entry to the roof through Atrium and had not been in the bar before.

There is no confirmation of an arrest.