Attempts to restore Grantham team are being frustrated by vandals

Mark Fardell and Jay Harrison of Harrowby United are being frustrated by vandals.
Mark Fardell and Jay Harrison of Harrowby United are being frustrated by vandals.
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EFFORTS to get a once popular Grantham football side back up and running are being hampered by mindless vandalism.

Harrowby United has been resurrected for the coming season, with managers Mark Fardell and Jay Harrison working hard to get the old ground off Harrowby Lane ready for the first league games.

But the pair’s efforts risk coming to nought if they can’t secure the ground - a task made much more difficult as vandals keep tearing down the perimeter fencing.

Mark said: “We’ve put the fence up three times now and three times it’s been pulled down.

“We put it up one Friday evening and it was down again by Saturday morning - a matter of a few hours.

“We don’t have the money to keep replacing it. It’s just not possible.”

The ground has been given a new lick of paint and new goalposts costing more than £2,000 have been purchased.

But the work bringing the ground up to scratch can’t continue until the ground is secure.

Mark and Jay are hoping a local firm might be able to help put up a new fence to keep the vandals out.

Jay said: “We’ve had a quote of £1,500 to have big, metal fences put up - which is a good price - but after spending the money on the goalposts we just don’t have the funds at the moment.

“Once we get everything secure we can really get everything done.”

The ground has a history of vandalism. At one time the stand held dozens of seats for spectators until repeated arson attacks meant they had to be removed - leaving the empty stand as a perfect spot for people who wanted to do anti-social activities without being seen.

Jay said: “We were finding needles, glass bottles, all sorts. When we first took it over there was everything in here.

“It’s a good hideaway for people to be honest.”

Mark and Jay have already had support from businesses such as the Quality Furniture Company, Grantham Clothing and Bell Group Decorators.

l If you think you can help secure the ground, call Mark Fardell on 07954323147.