Australian town of Grantham devastated by flood disaster

Former Grantham man Alan watmore has been forced from his home in Grantham, Queensland.
Former Grantham man Alan watmore has been forced from his home in Grantham, Queensland.
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THE plight of people from Grantham in Queensland - scene of massive flooding this week - has prompted a huge response from Journal readers.

And the Journal has been contacted by a man who moved from Grantham in Lincolnshire to the Queensland town that has been swamped by flood waters described as an “inland tsunami”.

Alan Watmore, 61, lived in Pawson’s Place in Horse and Jockey yard, near to the Journal office.

The former Boys’ Central School pupil is now in Adelaide after flood waters swamped his adopted home of Grantham, which has around 400 residents.

So far the disaster has killed 10 people and at least 90 people are missing.

Alan said: “We are in a disaster situation. To all friends, thanks for your prayers of hope.”

Grantham, which is around 100km from Brisbane, has been described as a scene of “utter devastation”, with home flattened and cars stuck in trees.

Joyce McCourt, a former resident of Grantham in Lincolnshire now living in Australia has urged people to help victims of the disaster.

She said: “Although I live in Victoria, all of Australia is affected by this event and we mourn the loss of life and property of fellow Australians.

“The people living in Grantham were given no warning of the inland tsunami and it appears, once the rescue services are able to get into that area, that bodies will be found. Like many other areas, Grantham, Queensland, will need to be re-built.”

South Kesteven District Councillor Ian Selby has sent a message of support to Steve Jones, the mayor of Queensland’s Lockyer valley.

It read: “As a district councillor in my home town of Grantham in England I would like to express sincere thoughts for the people of your district.

“It is hard to comprehend the difficulties that you are facing at present and although these are only words of comfort, I would like you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.”

Many Journal readers have been in touch this week to express concern about people living in the town and suggesting people from Grantham in Lincolnshire help the population of the Queenland town.

An appeal has been set up to help people who have been affected by the floods. To donate, go to www.