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CAPTURING beautiful landscapes and remarkable scenes is a passion which unites members of the Grantham Photographic Society.

The long-established club was formed in 1967, and members were once regarded as the cream of the crop in the area when it came to photography.

But sadly, the controversial move from film to digital diminished the membership, and now only 14 remain.

The organising committee hopes to restore the society to its former glory.

Competitions secretary David Hopkins said: “Grantham was once the club to beat but we’ve lost an awful lot of good photographers now.

“In common with a lot of other local clubs, we’re struggling to get new members.

“But we have a lot to offer and people should give us a try.”

Currently, there are no members younger than 30 in the society, something David and treasurer John Taylor hope will soon change.

Abilities vary, making the club’s regular internal and external competition all the more interesting.

Expert judges frequently visit the clubroom to pass judgement on members’ photos, plus the society visits other clubs across the region a handful of times a year.

One way in which the committee hopes to encourage new members to sign up is running free lectures on basic digital photography.

But it’s not all out of the goodness of their hearts. The new scheme is being run as a condition of a grant given by the Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

In order to receive funding for new computer equipment, the club agreed to give something back in the form of the free lessons.

The lectures are for both complete beginners and those with the know-how but who wish to build on their technique.

David said: “Attendance is completely free and you will be under no obligation to join the club, although you will be very welcome if you do.

“If the bug bites, you may want to take up photography as a hobby and in that case the club will help all it can, but if all you want is to make the family album look a bit better that’s fine.”

The first of eight lectures will be held at 8pm on Tuesday, January 18, at the Grantham Photographic Society’s clubroom at the Town and County Club, in Elmer Street.

If you would like to attend, or would like further details, call David on 01476 575133.

Members meet at 8pm on Tuesday evenings between September and April.

Membership costs £30, or £20 for seniors. Anyone interested in joining can attend the first four meetings for free.