Bad Lads Army star ‘Nooky’ takes over Grantham youth clubs

Richard 'Nooky' Nauyokas
Richard 'Nooky' Nauyokas
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Bad Lads actor Richard ‘Nooky’ Nauyokas is hoping to give local youngsters a boost after taking over the running of two youth clubs in the town.

Nooky, who spent 22 years in the British Army, went on to become a reality TV star on ITV’s Lads Army and then Bad Lads Army.

Along with wife Liz, he is determined to improve the lives and prospects of the town’s youngsters with his unique style of man-management and people skills.

Their company, Not all Bad, was originally developed to give young adults an insight into their own abilities and the confidence to achieve the best for themselves and others in their futures.

And, being from Grantham, Nooky (pictured) is keen to give something back - hence the new involvement with New Beacon Road Youth Club and Earlsfield Youth Club.

He said: “As our name suggests, my theory is that youngsters today are not all bad, they are just misguided - sometimes by authority, or sometimes by friends and family. We managed to turn Bourne Youth Club around and I would like to think we could do something similar in Grantham.

“I am passionate about Grantham and that gives me an extra incentive to assist in its endeavour to better the town and its youth. I would love to get these youth clubs back to what they used to be.”

Nooky will meet councillors later this month to tell them about the project and ask for some financial input.