Bad week for takeaway as fire follows immigration raid

Firefighters were called to London Road, Grantham, at 12.30pm
Firefighters were called to London Road, Grantham, at 12.30pm
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TWO illegal workers were arrested following a raid at a town centre takeaway and face being deported.

The Pakistani men working at Chicken Palace in London Road, Grantham, were found to have student visas entitling them to work a limited number of hours while studying.

However, UK Border Agency officials found evidence both men were regularly working more than 60 hours per week.

After contacting their colleges the officials found that one of the men had been suspended for lack of attendance while the other had received warnings.

The owner of the business could face a fine of up to £20,000 unless they can prove that they took sufficient steps to confirm the right to work of the illegal workers.

Paul Tranter of the UK Border Agency said: “We are cracking down on illegal working which undercuts legitimate businesses and employees.”

l Firefighters were called out to Chicken Palace on Friday following a reports of a fire.

The chip fryer fire was reported at 12.30pm, with two fire engines answering the call.

It was extinguished using dry powder.

Firefighters praised the staff for their quick-thinking in isolating the fire and calling 999 swiftly.