Banned driver spotted by eagle-eyed policeman

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POLICE officers spotted a man driving along Queensway who they knew was banned from driving.

Liam Curtis of Avon Close, Grantham, was pulled over and found to be disqualified from driving and driving without insurance.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Curtis made “full and frank admissions” in interview. He told officers he had borrowed a friend’s car to go to the shops to buy things for her baby.

Bill Fraser, defending, said: “He was not quite sure when his disqualification ended. He accepted as soon as the policeman told him that he must be disqualified.”

For driving whilst disqualified Curtis, 22, was fined £110. There was no separate penalty for driving without insurance but his licence was endorsed with six points. He was also banned for a further six months and ordered to pay costs of £40 and a surcharge of £15.