Barrowby play park presence is a ‘curse’

Barrowby play park
Barrowby play park
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An elderly resident at a new housing scheme in Barrowby has attacked a nearby play park as a “curse and constant threat” to their lifestyle due to the “aggressive presence of playpark visitors.”

Such behaviour led Ann Clusky of Adamstiles and a neighbour to erect a higher fence in front of their properties, with them now seeking retrospective planning approval.

Ms Clusky told South Kesteven District Council that since the playpark opened in August, the previous open plan nature of the site made the residents of the three new corner properties prone to “anti social” behaviour, including damage to a car in her driveway.

“We suffer continually the frequent and often aggressive presence of playpark visitors, who often show little respect for closeby residents in their behaviours by both children, adolescents and even the adults visiting.”

She said she has complained to Barrowby Parish Council, SKDC and the police and would not have bought the home, had she known the playpark would be built.

Ms Clusky added: “We consider the playpark presence a curse and constant threat to our lifestyle and quality of life on a daily basis 24/7.”

Neighbour Maria Kruger agreed, telling the Journal the problem was not so much children, but their parents who allow their kids to ride bikes and scooters presenting a hazard to the residents.

An SKDC report said the application concerning the 1.8m fence replacing a 1m fence would be discussed by planning committee next Friday was due to “considerable local interest.”

It said 13 letters were received by the council, with comments including the new fencing being out of charracter and presenting a risk to pedestrians as it reduces the visibility of cars leaving the new homes.

The report also cited Lincolnshire Police claiming: “There have been no relevant incidents of crime reported at this location over the past 12 months.”

However, SKDC planning staff recommend approval of the fence saying it is “in keeping” with others in the area.