BBC presenter’s book focuses on Easton Walled Gardens

Ursula Cholmeley
Ursula Cholmeley
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Easton Walled Gardens have appeared in a book by a BBC presenter.

Jules Hudson, the archaeologist and historian, famous for presenting the BBC’s Escape to the Country and Countryfile has featured the gardens in a book called Walled Gardens.

He recalls how the gardens were once celebrated by former US president Franklin D Roosevelt, and restored by current owner Ursula Cholmeley.

After describing the gardens and their history, also showing a range of photographs, the presenter concluded: “Easton is a garden the family love and whose regeneration they are rightly proud. Rescued from ruin and neglect, it both reflects the past and looks confidently to the 

Easton Walled Gardens also currently feature in The Extra Mile, an insider’s guide to alternative and delicious places to stop along the motorway. It is also in a book called 1001 Gardens to Visit Before You Die.

The gardens also featured as an iconic garden in The English Garden Magazine’s 20th anniversary souvenir, celebrating two decades of English gardens.

Garden owner Ursula Cholmeley said she was thrilled to feature in Jules’ book, adding he will be at a special book signing at the gardens on Monday, May 28.

She said: “It’s wonderful to see walled gardens being recognised for their historical importance in decorative garden design as well as their functional purposes in horticulture.”

The book and magazine coverage come as Easton Walled Gardens this year will see work on and the opening of new loft apartments.

A new access to the south lawn from the site of the now demolished hall is being created. New beds have also been dug in the White Space Garden and steps added to create a new vista.