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Be aware of 'three Gs' at Christmas

The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership is urging residents to keep the three Gs - glitter, grease and grub - out of their recycling bins this Christmas.

To keep recycling clean and dry and not contaminated, the partnership of councils, including Lincolnshire County and South Kesteven District councils, has launched a social media campaign highlighting the key things to leave out this Christmas.

John Coates, from the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, said: "We're trying to make things simple in the run up to Christmas, so we're asking residents to remember to leave out the three Gs, glitter, grease and grub, as none of these can be recycled in your home recycling bins/bags."

Recycle (24017940)
Recycle (24017940)

Glitter, often found on cards and wrapping paper, is hard to process in recycling process, where it can clog up equipment, and stop it working. It also works its way into recycled paper which is then rejected by the end user.

Grease covered pizza boxes, cardboard and takeaway pots cannot be recycled because the paper fibres will not be able to be separated from the oils during the pulping process.

Grub, aka food, simply cannot be recycled. If you are in the food waste trial running in South Kesteven, put in your food caddy, anywhere else in the county, put in your household waste bin/bags.

John adds: "The other issue people always ask is what to do with wrapping paper. If it is glitter-free paper, we’d ask you to do the 'scrunch test'. Crumple the paper in your hand. If it stays crunched – it is recyclable, and if not – it isn't.

"If there is anything you aren’t sure about, please put it in your waste bin. Last year, 96 per cent of Lincolnshire's waste was recycled, reused, composted or converted into electricity – powering over 29,000 homes."

For more information on recycling, including information about side waste and collections, please visit your local district council website. For information about your local household waste recycling centre, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/recycling

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