Beautiful meals and huge portions at Bindi

Bindi Indian restaurant in London Road, Grantham.
Bindi Indian restaurant in London Road, Grantham.
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FANS of Indian food living in Grantham are spoilt for choice.

The town boasts some cracking Indian and Nepalese restaurants and Bindi in London Road is up there with the best of them.

There is probably no more striking-looking restaurant in the town than Bindi, with its arched front exterior and extreme pink interior. But it works.

Starting off with the traditional poppadoms, we were provided with the usual choice of dips. With one exception - a watery, green concoction which looked minty but, the waiter informed us, was a garlic chilli mixture “with a bit of a kick”.

I’m not usually one for extremely hot spices but took the plunge anyway and it was delicious. It wasn’t too hot either - just enough to leave the tongue tingling and force you to finish that lemonade a bit sharpish.

For starter I ordered the lamb tikka while Mrs Graham opted - as always - for onion bhajis.

The bhajis were very big and crispy and delicious, she said. My lamb tikka was perfectly cooked with a hint of pink in the middle (unless that was merely a reflection off the chandeliers). I could have eaten four or five plates of it, to be honest.

Both dishes came with a light and decorative tomato-based sauce on the side which I was particularly keen on.

We were also brought a creamy, garlic sauce in a jug. We weren’t sure which dish it was supposed to go with, but I enjoyed dipping my lamb bites in it and the wife enjoyed pouring some on her bhajis.

For the main I opted for the chicken tikka shishlik (chicken marinated with spices and cooked on a skewer with tomato, onion and green pepper in a spiced sauce) while Mrs Graham chose chicken tikka koraya (barbecued chicken cooked in a spicy sauce with green peppers, tomatoes and onions).

Having ordered the koraya on a previous visit I know how delicious it is but the wife was particularly impressed with the large peppers in the sauce which were juicy and crunchy.

My shishlik dish went down extremely well with the onions and peppers having a chargrilled-style taste while holding their juiciness.

The portion was enormous - but not as big as the garlic naan we ordered which needed its own table! We took the challenge and resolved to eat it all, Man vs Food style - but naan won.

We were far too stuffed for dessert, but the restaurant owner, Muhammed Karim, insisted we try the gulab jam. I had no idea what to expect but found it was doughy ball in a watery syrup. The dough was very soft and the syrup was sweet. Needless to say, I found the room in the end.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic meal and myself and Mrs Graham have vowed to try out the restaurant’s £8.95 Monday banquet in the coming weeks.

Review by Neil Graham