Being ‘local’ is vital nowadays

Studio Pic of Michael Hallam (Work Experience). 294C
Studio Pic of Michael Hallam (Work Experience). 294C
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In the difficult economic times that we live in, ‘being local’ is as important as ever.

By being local I mean supporting local businesses and local people.

Last August, Lord Oakshott claimed that Grantham is “almost a ghost town” because supermarkets had put many local shops out of business. I agree with Oakshott to a certain extent, but it is not the cliché of local services are good and the big corporate machine is evil. The people of Grantham can have it both ways.

When going to the supermarket remember those smaller businesses like the butchers and bakers and spend your money there. It may cost a bit more but usually the quality is better and the money you spend stays in the area, to be spent again in Grantham. So everybody prospers.

We still need the supermarkets. They provide great employment and convenience.

However, by sometimes making use of local amenities the supermarkets will not be hit heavily and the town will receive a huge boost.

This not only applies to business, but to local feeling. I think opinion is generally divided on whether or not Grantham is a good place to live.

Personally, I believe it is a good place and there is plenty to be positive about. Life is local and the more of our own life we live in the town, the more we get out of it.

Organisations, such as the Grantham Business Club, and campaigns like the ‘Grantham is Great’ are doing a great job of promoting these values and I hope that people take note.

Quite rightly, many will suggest that it is the fault of the Government and previous governments for the state of not just Grantham, but the whole country.

However, whatever your political opinion, the truth is: every individual is now more responsible for the things that matter to them. The future of your work, your health and your family rests increasingly in your hands.

It is the entrepreneurs, the community leaders and more than all of them, the masses, that hold the key to the future.

The sceptics that think I am preaching of David Cameron’s “Big Society” are wide of the mark.

What I refer to is an attitude among the people to take an interest in acting in the interests of the country. For the good of everyone. Not about Government funding and ideals.

Think about buying British. Support British businesses by thinking twice when you purchase goods. By spending with thought we can all contribute to the growth of Grantham and the economy as a whole.

This is our town. So, be local, take pride in it and prove that it is not a ghost town but actually, alive and kicking – just like our football team!

l What do you think to Michael’s comments? Do you agree that we should make the most of what Grantham has to offer? Could you find everything you need here in Grantham? Will you now do what you can to keep it local?

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