Belton Park golfer’s life saved with club defibrillator

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Staff at a Grantham golf club saved the life of a golfer when he collapsed just before playing on the last hole.

Roger Ford was heading for the 18th hole at Belton Park Golf Club when he suffered a heart attack.

Mr Ford, 71, was first attended to by the club’s greenkeeper, Nathaniel Smith, who was cutting the grass on a nearby fairway. Mr Smith gave CPR before two members of staff from the clubhouse, Chloe Norris and Lorraine Mayfield, rushed over with a defibrillator and kept him alive.

An air ambulance flew Mr Ford to hospital where he remains making a good recovery.

Club general manager Steve Rowley said staff had received training in first aid, CPR and in using the defibrillator in January and training was regularly refreshed.

Mr Rowley added: “We will certainly be refreshing our training even more now, having seen how beneficial it is to have it.

“Our senior section part-funded the defibrillator with the British Heart Foundation and without it Mr Ford would not be with us.

“He has made a full recovery. I am told there are no long-term problems but they do not know why it happened so they have not released him yet. The staff wish him all the best.”

Mr Ford comes from Lowdham and has been a member of Belton Park since 1987.

The defibrillator was installed at the club in the summer of 2013. The Belton Park golfers and the charity each paid half of the £1,600 needed to buy the life-saving equipment, which is easy to use and does not require a great deal of training.

Roger Blakeman, the chairman of the local branch of BHF, was on hand to present the defibrillator in 2013. This week he said: “It’s great to hear that the greenkeeper gave this man CPR and the staff used the defibrillator. The more defibrillators we have in Lincolnshire the better. The aim of the BHF is to get every young person trained in CPR.”