Belvoir Fruit Farms needs elderflower pickers

Elderflower picking
Elderflower picking
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Belvoir Fruit Farms is asking for help in gathering in elderflowers to make its award-winning cordial.

The business needs to gather in over 60 tonnes of elderflowers from its own plantations and from the elder bushes growing wild in the hedgerows throughout the Vale of Belvoir.

Belvoir pays £2.10 per kilo for the elderflowers brought to them at the designated weighing points at Belvoir Fruit Farms, Sacrewell Farm near Peterborough, Swarkestone in Derbyshire and at Thaymar Ice Cream near Retford in North Nottinghamshire.

All are open to accept any harvested elderflowers until the end of June.

A spokesman said: “All you need is a bin bag – no special equipment required – and get picking! We only want the freshest elderflower blossoms and no stalks please.

“It’s a great way to get close to nature and be involved in a tradition that’s been going on for over 30 years. The harvest is, of course, weather dependent but usually lasts for six weeks from the end of May to the beginning of July and so takes in half-term, making it a perfect diversion for the kids with the incentive of some extra pocket money.

“What’s more, this year Belvoir are giving a £100 reward each week of the harvest for the ‘Biggest Bagger’ – the person who collects the most elderflowers that week and brings them to Belvoir Fruit Farms, so there’s even more reason to get picking.”