Big Society has been around for a long time

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IAN Selby missed several important points in his article on Big Society.

The Big Society has always existed. Good people have always given of their time, energy and money to plug the gaps. This is a wonderful way of redistributing wealth.

Big Society needs to be recognised, encouraged and supported - hence the new ‘bank’ created specifically for this purpose.

I would suggest the Big Society is growing apace. Ian Selby quotes several examples in his article.

The page full of finalists for the community-based awards is another. The volunteers who are keeping Grantham museum open, the supporters of our local hospices, the wildlife trusts and litter pickers, unpaid youth leaders, food banks, the list is endless.

Volunteers know that there is far more satisfaction in helping to improve the world themselves than in sitting back and expecting the government to do it. As long as their efforts are supported and not thwarted ‘Big Society’ will continue to grow and our communities will surely be all the better for it.


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