Biker run into Grantham hits a bump in the road

Biker run.
Biker run.
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Families who enjoy the spectacle of the Easter biker run may be disappointed this year.

Lincolnshire Police has withdrawn its traffic management support for the annual event, which sees hundreds of motorcyclists travel from Bottesford to The Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham to deliver Easter eggs for disadvantaged children.

In the previous 22 years, traffic has been halted by an officer on the A52 at Bottesford to allow the bikers to travel safely and all together, a sight many people travel to see.

However, organiser John Bartlett said the force has refused to offer the same help this year, meaning the bikers will be travelling into town in “dribs and drabs”.

He added: “It’s going to be a hell of a job getting on to the A52. And it detracts from the continuous stream of bikers, which is a better sight than a gaggle of 20 or 30.”

John said he was told that in future he must apply to the force’s events planning department 30 days in advance to request assistance, but there will be a charge which he believes to be in the hundreds.

John said: “We just can’t afford to pay that.”

As well as delivering the eggs, and then toys during a run at Christmas, to the Salvation Army for distribution, the bikers raise money for charities Home-Start Grantham and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

Lincolnshire Police spokesman James Newall said: “In the past the police may have informally managed locally events. This is, however, no longer appropriate, both in terms of legislation changes and our resource levels. Event organisers across the county are aware of this and their responsibility to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken before they host such events.

“The county council and ourselves do work very closely with event organisers to help them achieve these requirements at minimum costs. For example, we encourage local event organisers to get together and pool resources in terms of sharing signage so that they don’t all incur individual costs.

“Anyone who is worried about these regulations should call us to discuss ways we can help.”