Bikers join in national protest with a go-slow ride along A1

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BIKERS from the Grantham area joined in a mass protest against proposed EU changes to motorcycle laws.

They staged a go-slow protest along the A1 in line with similar protests nationwide, organised by the Motorcycle Action Group.

The group objects to planned changes to legislation which could see new braking system guidelines and limits on modifications introduced.

Members of the Druids and Eagles clubs and the Milwaukee Thunder Club, plus several lone motorcyclists, met at the Colsterworth truck-stop before the 250-strong group headed off at 1pm along the north-bound carriageway at 45mph.

Druids Motorcycle Club member Ian Gray said: “From what I could see from my obvious vantage point, the protest was conducted in an orderly, even sedate, manner at all times and as we were instructed to stay in the left-hand lane caused minumal problems to other road-users.

“Although some other road-users seemed less worried about passing us quickly and more about looking at the very high amount of different machinery we were on.

“I feel our point nationally was put across quite well and hopefully all participants were as well-behaved as the Grantham area contingent.”

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