Bin service reduction is wrong

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I am deeply disappointed that SKDC has decreed that green garden bins will be collected only once per month from 1 November until the end of March 2012 - that is for 5 whole months, ie nearly half a year.

Following the warmest October on record, weeds are growing apace, leaves are still falling in abundance and lawns need cutting on a dry day as the grass is growing more than it did in the summer.

Just what are local gardeners supposed to do with all their garden waste? Burn it maybe? Not everyone has access to a car to transport such waste to the local tip and the green bin collections are extremely valuable.

No-one has consulted with me or my neighbours who were expecting a green collection week commencing 7th November, so who are these fictitious people who don’t venture into their gardens for 5 months of the year?

Or maybe they only asked people who live in town centre flats!

Many of us need all the encouragement we can get to take some exercise and a fortnightly green collection was just the incentive to go out and chop down some bushes, trim hedges, mow lawns, and do some general weeding.

Why does SKDC consider that we don’t need our garden waste collected during November - yet another month on target to be the warmest on record (today, 15 November, is sunnier and warmer than many days in August) - and late February/March when gardeners traditionally start venturing outside again?

We could probably cope with monthly collections in December and January, but not for the rest of the autumn/winter periods – unless we are snowbound, of course.

As for the suggestion that the men who usually do the green collections will be used for clearing the streets, there is no evidence of that where I live as the piles of dog mess grow ever deeper.

Maybe they are too busy using their expensive new machine to polish the ghost town created round the Market Place to worry about the rest of the town’s pavement problems.

Let’s hope that SKDC don’t notice that people go on holidays during July and August and therefore reduce black and silver bin collections to only once per month during the summer!

Please bring back fortnightly collections for February and March and don’t reduce them again until December 2012.

Busy Gardener

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