Boy splinters bone in slip on damaged road in Caythorpe

"Dangerous" road surface in Caythorpe. Pictured are Stuart Balmer and Vicky Hanson. 303D
"Dangerous" road surface in Caythorpe. Pictured are Stuart Balmer and Vicky Hanson. 303D
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Neighbours who have for two years demanded a “dangerous” road surface be fixed have said enough is enough after an eight-year-old boy fractured a bone.

The surface of the road in Eastcliffe Square, Caythorpe, has disintegrated and repeated patch-up jobs by Lincolnshire County Council highways have created a minefield of gravel, stones and holes.

The angry parents of injured youngster Christopher Balmer say children’s lives are being put at risk.Dad Stuart Balmer, 49, said: “Cars come around the corner and slide on the gravel. And for pushbikes, going up there is an absolute nightmare.

“Three on the estate have motorbikes and if a child was to run out in front of them they’ve got no chance of stopping. It’s dangerous.”

Mr Balmer found his son laying injured in the road after hearing him crying out. A trip to hospital confirmed he had splintered bone in his shin.

Mr Balmer said: “The road should have been done sooner. The pain and suffering he’s had...”

Andy Roberts, a well-known villager and vice chairman of the parish council, agrees. He said: “This delay has been unacceptable. It’s unacceptable and of great concern to residents of Eastcliffe Square.”

Lisa Gilbert, highways officer at Lincolnshire County Council, blamed wintry weather. She said: “Unfortunately, several harsh winters have degraded the road surface on Eastcliffe Square. However, I’m pleased to say it is scheduled for repair on the week beginning 8th July.”