Brave abseilers take the plunge at St Wulfram’s

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AN incredible £10,000 was raised by brave abseilers who took on the ‘Big Drop’ challenge at St Wulfram’s Church.

Daredevils were invited to abseil down Grantham’s largest church on Saturday afternoon, and 72 took part.

St Wulfram's abseil

St Wulfram's abseil

Age was no barrier, with the oldest being 81 and the youngest 12.

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Among the young thrill-seekers was Amy Deane, and her experience was extra special as Saturday was her birthday.

Half-way down, the crowd of spectators sang Happy Birthday and she was greeted at the bottom by a little birthday cake.

She said: “It was amazing. I was looking over the edge thinking it’s such a nice view.”

There was a steady stream of abseilers throughout the day, all keen to be donating to the church, Help for Heroes, The Bridge for Heroes and the Grantham Twinning Association.

Christine Andrews helped organise the fund-raiser. She said: “We think that the total sponsorship will raise around £10,000 which is a fantastic result. Sue Redmile from St Wulfram’s congregation raised an amazing £1,000.

“Some people found the abseil really challenging but still did it. One girl went up the tower to abseil and felt she just could not do it, but then very bravely returned later in the day and went through with it.

“We had couples, fathers and daughters, friends, business colleagues and people from as near as Castlegate and as far away as Ireland.”

Music and hot food added to the event, as did entertaining commentaries over the sound system. It provided family and friends with the opportunity to read messages to their brave loved ones, as well as the odd “get a move on!”

Organisers hope to continue the ‘Big Drop’ challenge every two years to ensure minimal wear and tear on the historic building.

Mrs Andrews said: “A great cross-section of our community took part and I would like to thank all those who helped on the day, especially the athletic members of the King’s School Mountain Club, the staff and cadets from Ambergate Sports College and the Territorial Army.

“We also had great music from Paul Emmett and his band, delicious food and good support from our twinning friends and church members who worked hard in the coffee shop.

“How dare anyone say Grantham is not great and very much alive?”