BREAKING NEWS: Family flooded out of their home

Grzegorz Lorych (left) and his family have been left homeless by the flood along with firned Hannah Szwedko (front, right).
Grzegorz Lorych (left) and his family have been left homeless by the flood along with firned Hannah Szwedko (front, right).
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A FAMILY undergoing a nightmare month fear they will be homeless for Christmas after a water pipe burst in their Grantham home yesterday (Dec 9).

Grzegorz Lorych, 27, was living in Avenue Road with his partner Jagoda Mrozek and their eight-month old baby girl when the pipe burst in the roof, filling the kitchen of their flat with water.

The flood comes just two weeks after Grzegorz was released from hospital following an operation on a fractured skull. He sustained the injury, which left him in a coma, after falling down some stairs and required two operations to clear blood clots from his brain.

Part of his skull is still missing and he is awaiting a further operation to install a plastic protective “skull” over the exposed area.

The family spent last night staying in emergency accommodation in the Premier Inn in Harlaxton Road South Kesteven District Council but their stay expires at noon today.

Ed Mullenger is trying to help the family find somewhere to stay. His partner, Hannah Szwedko, lives in another flat at the same address and was also flooded out,

He said: “From noon today they are all homeless - and this is a very vulnerable family.

“They have an eight-month-old baby girl and then there is Grzegorz’s medical situation so something needs to be done to help them as soon as possible.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue were called out to the flood and the family are receiving help from the British Red Cross and the Fire and Emergency Support Service.

Hannah Szwedko, who works at Environcom in Grantham, said: “We don’t know where we are going to sleep tonight.

“There is no chance, I don’t think, of getting back in the flat by Christmas. The firemen said it will be a long time until it is dry.”

The flats are owned by a private landlord through an agency but the family is having trouble tracking them down this morning.

A spokesman for South Kesteven District Council: “We have provided accommodation for these families as part of our homelessness obligation.

“We are currently discussing the options for accommodation with their landlord and the families affected to make sure that they have somewhere to stay for the next few days.”