BREAKING NEWS: Grantham is worst-hit in floods, while Swaton villagers must take ‘immediate action’

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GRANTHAM and its surrounding villages is the worst flood-affected part of Lincolnshire.

Billingborough, Swaton, Horbling and Carlton Scroop have seen extreme levels of water due to today’s downpour.

According to Lincolnshire County Council, rainfall of up to 30mm has fallen on average across the county, with the Grantham area experiencing higher levels of rainfall.

A spokesman said: “The main area to suffer disruption is Grantham. The A52 is currently closed in both directions - due to surface water flooding in both areas, and a collision in the west. The A607 is also currently closed at Carlton Scroop owing to flooding. Motorists are being advised to avoid the area.

“Also owing to the drainage systems being full, the fire service are currently using a pumping unit at Billingborough and Horbling to reduce flooding in the area here.”

Flood alerts issued by the Environment Agency are still in place across the county. A flood warning has now been issued at Swaton, which means that people do need to take immediate action.

Andy Wilkinson, flood and coastal risk management manager, said: “We have issued the flood warning for West End and the Swaton Lane areas of Swaton as watercourses in the area are reacting to the heavy rainfall we are experiencing.

“We would urge people living in the area to take action to protect themselves and their families and move valuable possessions upstars.

“We are continuing to monitor the weather and river levels across Lincolnshire.”