Bright future for the Hills and Hollows

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A GRANT of £8,500 will be used to help improve the Hills and Hollows area of Grantham.

The money has been donated by WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental) and has already helped pay for fencing to keep motorcyclists who trespass and cause damage off the area.

Further work will include resting places and pictorial information signs to help people to identify the many species of flora and fauna found there.

Clerk to Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without Parish Council Pete Armstrong said: “We very much appreciate the financial help being given by WREN. This will allow the work to be undertaken a lot quicker than if the monies had to come from the precept and other smaller grants.”

The parish council hopes the site will be designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest when it is inspected later in the summer.

During inspections made in the late autumn of last year, over 18 different species of rare flowers found on limestone cliffs were discovered.

Peter Cox, managing director of WREN, said: “The Londonthorpe & Harrowby Parish Council is now able to restore and protect this valuable habitat at the Hills and Hollows.”

A Friends of the Hills & Hollows group has been set up to plan and oversee developments at the site.

Anyone interested in joining is asked to contact the parish council.