£1 KFC chicken bags at Moy Park but at Sleaford not Grantham

KFC opened in Grantham in 2014.
KFC opened in Grantham in 2014.
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Shoppers were able to bag a bargain of chicken from KFC for just a pound at a Moy Park factory shop.

National media have reported that Moy Park had to sell as much chicken as possible at its Sleaford factory shop.

The clearance deal stemmed from distributor DHL returning stocks of chicken to the supplier because it could not cope with them.

The move came as KFC outlets in Grantham and Boston, just 15 miles away, ran short of chicken, either having to close or sell limited menus.

Moy Park at Sleaford was able to sell the bargain bags of nine chicken pieces for a pound at the Sleaford outlet when 179 crates of chicken were returned to the depot from Rugby.

Similar bags of chicken retail for £7.65 in KFC outlets when coated with herbs and spices and cooked.

Some 20,000 chicken pieces were returned, newspapers reported.

A spokeswoman for Moy Park said the Grantham factory shop was unaffected as the chicken was returned to Sleaford.