Bunged up post boxes are a Royal fail

Sealed up post box on the Manthorpe Estate. Goutham Jayaraman. 752B
Sealed up post box on the Manthorpe Estate. Goutham Jayaraman. 752B
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MYSTIFIED residents from the Manthorpe Estate in Grantham woke up last Friday morning to find that post boxes in the area had been sealed with no explanation.

Goutham Jayaraman, who works in the Day - Today shop, in Rushcliffe Road, said that he was inundated with confused customers asking him why they were sealed.

He said: “More than 50 people have been in asking about it, but I don’t know why they’re locked and there’s no notice.

“I spoke to the postie but she doesn’t know about it.”

The mystery was finally solved yesterday morning (Thursday) when Royal Mail admitted to the Journal that they lost the keys for the 12 post boxes, and the locks needed to be changed before they could be used again.

Nick Martens of Royal Mail said: “A set of collection keys was mislaid in the Grantham area on September 8.

“This affected 12 post-boxes which were subsequently sealed. We have re-opened most of the boxes as we complete the changing of the locks and will open the rest as soon as possible.

“Royal Mail apologises to any customers who have been inconvenienced.”

Councillor Ray Wootten was asked to investigate the post box mystery by some of the residents on Friday.

He contacted Royal Mail to try and find out what had happened but he received no response.

He said: “I understand that they may have lost the keys to the boxes. If that is the case they should have placed notices on the boxes giving the reason and when it will be rectified.

“It is unacceptable to keep customers in the dark for so long, if they have lost the keys then I will assume that all boxes have been emptied using their duplicate set whilst new locks are put in place.”