BUSINESS JOURNAL: ‘Man v Food’ challenge launches Grantham pub’s new menu

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A ‘Man versus Food’-style challenge launched the new menu at Marston Brewery-owned public house The Black Dog, in Watergate, last week.

Journal sports editor John Burgess accepted one of the challenges, accompanied by pub barman James Deane and chef Tim Durrance.

James tackled a monster
1-kilo plateful of chicken wings coated in a blazing chilli sauce, and Tim faced a gargantuan Cumberland sausage encased in eight conjoined bread rolls. Meanwhile, John’s eyes watered at the prospect of his hot Naga chilli and rice.

John was out of the blocks quickly and made immediate inroads into the chilli, and Tim ripped into his circular sausage with gusto.

James, meanwhile, had to stop to wash his hands and don a pair of latex gloves as he complained that his chicken wings were burning his fingers as well as his mouth!

John requested a glass of milk to help cool him down whilst, alongside him, Tim boosted his calorie intake with lashings of mayonnaise – perhaps a mistake?

John was the first and only challenger to cross the finish line, devouring his chilli in small, fiery forkfuls.

Tim reached the home straight but stalled with some sausage and one bread roll remaining, whilst James finally hit the wall with his wings.

The photograph shows Tim tucking into his Cumberland sausage ‘hub cap burger’.