Careless presentation was the only downside of massive, delicious meal

Scene Setter : The Farrier. 818B
Scene Setter : The Farrier. 818B
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PEOPLE were queuing at the door to get into the Farrier to try the new Mexican buffet last Wednesday night, and I soon found out why – it was tasty, all you can eat, and just £5.99!

My partner, Marc, and I were told there was a twenty minute wait for a table but the waiter was so polite and friendly we didn’t mind at all as we headed to the bar for a drink.

A short time after finding a table in a quiet corner we were called to the restaurant area but we decided to ask to stay where we were and this was no problem for the incredibly attentive staff.

Unsure whether to have the buffet option or the main menu we went to have a look at the buffet, which included - chilli con carne, vegetable chilli, spicy chicken and vegetables, beef enchiladas, vegetable enchiladas and a whole host of side dishes including nachos, rice, tortillas and sauces.

I decided I would go for it but having spotted butterfly prawns as a starter on the main menu, I could not resist having them as well.

Marc decided to go for the main menu and ordered chicken liver pate and the mixed grill.

After a short wait the starters arrived. The presentation was not the best on either side but the taste was fantastic and the portion sizes were quite generous as well.

The prawns were served with a side salad and a lovely chilli dip. I could have eaten just that and been happy.

By the time we were ready for the main course it was approaching 9pm so in fear that the buffet would close I went to help myself, which was a good move because I got the last of some of the options.

I chose the rice and vegetable chilli and two vegetable enchiladas.

Being a bit greedy, obviously for review purposes only, I also got some nachos with sour cream sauce and some cheese.

The waitress on the counter was great talking me through all the options, so if you don’t know your Mexican food very well, you’ll be well looked after.

When I got back to the table Marc was still waiting for his main course so we shared an enchilada while we waited. Again the look of the food was average, but the taste was great.

The rest of the offerings on my plate, and some of the chips from Marc’s meal, were also tasty and I enjoyed every single mouthful.

A little while later the mixed grill arrived. It was almost twice the price of the buffet, but looking at the amount of meat on the plate you could see why.

And Marc, who is not a big fan of steak, said it was the best one he had eaten in ages - although it is normally cooked by a vegetarian at home - me!

Being someone with a very sweet tooth I had selected my dessert before anything else and decided the Ultimate Sharing Sundae was a definite.

When it arrived it was a massive bowlful of profiteroles, fudge cake, honeycomb, ice cream, chocolate sauce and much more. It was delicious. And there was plenty for two, probably three!

I have to admit that when we left the Farrier I was surprised by how much we had both enjoyed every bit of our meal. The staff were always smiling and could not do enough to help and the food tasted fantastic. If the presentation of the food was a bit better they would have got full marks.

Review by Suzie Pike