Cashless car parking to be introduced in Grantham

Welham Street car park in Grantham
Welham Street car park in Grantham
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Motorists will soon be able to pay for parking in Grantham by phone instead of using cash.

Cashless car parking is being introduced in Grantham and Stamford from July 1, so avoiding the need to overpay because they have no change.

The system operates by drivers registering to pay with a company called Phone and Pay and it can be accessed by mobile phones, text message or downloaded as an app.

The service will be available on all 12 South Kesteven District Council car parks – six in Stamford and six in Grantham.

Portfolio holder for Well Run Council Coun Mike Taylor said: “We know the current system can cause frustration because our charges are relatively low at 50 pence for half an hour, 80 pence an hour or £1.30 for two hours. The machines we use are not able to give change and that means that if a customer only has £1 or £2 coins they have to make an overpayment.

“The new cashless system means charges are only made for the time actually used and another great advantage is that if the driver’s visit to town takes longer than was originally envisaged there is no need to go back and feed the meter – you can just extend your stay on the phone.”

Monitoring the system is also easy as all the wardens have to do is tap in the registration number of the vehicle and they can immediately see if a parking fee has been paid and what time it is due to expire.

“Initially the new system and the old machines will work side by side but eventually we hope to reduce the number of cash machines we have. However, we recognise that some people will prefer to continue to use the old machines and that we will need to provide a facility for visitors so we will always keep at least one machine on each car park.

“We think the new system will be popular with local people and it will help us to save taxpayers’ money because there will be less machine vandalism and a reduction in theft.”

To find out more about Phone and Pay visit www.phoneand

You can set up an account online or you can speak to them on 0120 280 4444 and they will do it for you.