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AN Indian restaurant is offering patrons the chance for free food if they can complete the Naan-lympic Challenge.

Bindi, in London Road, Grantham, created the food eating challenge to raise money for the Journal’s Children’s Fund, which supports sick youngsters and their families.

Bindi Naan-lympic Challenge. 556C

Bindi Naan-lympic Challenge. 556C

The Naan-lympics involves competitors devouring a 20 inch naan bread stuffed full of three chicken tikka breast fillets, three lamb tikka portions and three Shish kebabs. And do not worry if you are concerned about your five-a-day because there is also salad, along with mint yoghurt sauce.

To win at the Naan-lympics, hungry customers have to finish the naan in 10 minutes.

If you consume every bit within the time then there is no charge, but, if you fail in the attempt, you will be asked to donate £25 to the charity.

Journal photographer Toby Roberts was one of the first to take on the mammoth task, which originally was set to take just five minutes.

Toby has been known to eat several pizzas at a time – the record is two 10-inch deep pans in less than 10 minutes – so we thought he would be the ideal man for the job.

Unfortunately after five minutes of constant chewing, and getting hotter and hotter, he was not very far through the Naan-lympic feast.

He said: “I’m not mega full, it’s just I stuffed so much down in the first three minutes I thought I was going to choke.”

Toby then continued to see if he could eat all of the feast. After 15 minutes he resigned from the challenge.

He said: “I’m disappointed but after watching the video replay I don’t think I did badly for five minutes.

“It’s just too much food, you’d need to be Adam Richman from Man v Food to finish it!”

Co-owner of Bindi Muhammed Karim, who previously created the world’s hottest curry and most expensive chutney, said: “We do something different every year. It’s for a good cause.

“After Toby’s five-minute effort we’ve decided to make it 10 minutes to make sure it gives everybody a fair winning chance. It’s easier if you have a strategy. I would always say stand up to eat it and make sure you’re not too hot. Pace yourself.”

Would you like to compete in the Naan-lympics? If you want to enter, book a challenge time by calling 01476 570777.

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